Exposure Visits

Mar 6, 2022
S.NoCourse NoCourse TitleDate of VisitPlace of Visit

FSN 111 AGR 102 ENS 101Principles of food science & Processing  Fundamentals of Agricultural Meteorology Principles of Environmental Sciences15/04/16Post Harvest Technology Centre,  Agrometeorological Observatory,TNAU, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, Coimbatore

FOR 111 SER121Agro forestry Principles & Practices of Sericulture 16/04/16Forest College & Research Institute, Mettupalayam

SER 121Principles & Practices of Sericulture24/05/16Silk Reeling Centre & Cocoon Market , Nanagaram

AEX 201Dimension of Agricultural Extension21/09/16Assistant Director of Agriculture office, Puliangudi& Sivagiri

AEX 201Dimension of agricultural Extension5/10/16Agricultural College & Research Institute and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Madurai 

AEX 201Dimension of agricultural Extension19/10/16Panchayat Office, Vasudevanallur, Tirunelveli

AEX 201Dimension of agricultural Extension2/11/16Assistant Director of Horticulture office, Vasudevanallur, Tirunelveli

AEC 201Production Economics and Farm Management18/11/16Farmer Field Visit for Analyzing Cost Cultivation, Shenkottai.

AEX 201Dimension of Agricultural Extension19/11/16Self Help Group, Sanganaperi

AMP 201Livestock and Poultry Production Management23/11/16District Livestock Farm & Aavin,Tirunelveli

AGR 101Principles of Agronomy &Agricultural Heritage25/11/16Agricultural Research Station, Kovilpatti

PAT 201Fundamentals of Plant Pathology25/11/16Farmers Field Visit- Thiruvidainalur

AEX 201Dimension of Agricultural Extension30/11/16District Rural Development Agency, Tirunelveli

SER 121Entomology Practices of Sericulture17/03/17Farmers Field Visit -Thalaiyanai

SST 201Principles and Practices of Seed Production31/06/17Mahesh Seeds,Navacholai&Puliangudi

AEX 201Dimension of Agricultural Extension23/08/17Assistant Agricultural Office, Vasudevanallur

AEX 201Dimension of Agricultural Extension30/08/17NGO Visit- DHAN Foundation, Madurai

AEX 201Dimension of Agricultural Extension13/09/17Agricultural College & Research Institute,Madurai 

AEC 301Agricultural Marketing Trade & Price19/09/17Lemon Market Visit – Puliyankudi

AEX 201Dimension of Agricultural Extension20/09/17Srivasan Science Trust, Thirukurangudi

AEX 201Dimension of Agricultural Extension27/09/17Suzlon Foundation Unit

AEC 301Agricultural Marketing Trade & Price03/10/17Farmers Field Visit- Puliyankudi

AEC 301Agricultural Marketing Trade& Price24/10/17Lemon Market ,Puliyankudi

PBG 301Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding26/10/17  27/10/17Tamil Nadu Agricultural Universities, Coimbatore

AEC 201Production Economics & Farm Management27/10/19RVS Farm, Tenkasi

AGR 201 PAT 201Weed Management, Fundamentals of Plant Pathology30/10/17Agricultural College & Research Institute, Killikulam

AEC 301Agricultural Marketing Trade &Price1/11/17Agmark Laboratory & Regulated Market ,Tenkasi

AEC 301Agricultural Marketing Trade &Price10/11/17TN Warehousing Corporation ,Tenkasi

AEX 201Dimension of Agricultural Extension22/11/17District Rural Development Agency, Tirunelvei

AMP 201Livestock and Poultry Management29/11/17Aavin ,Tirunelveli

AGR 302Agronomy of Field Crops II27/11/17Dharani Sugar Industry, Dharani

HOR 111 FOR 111Intro to Horticulture & Intro to Forestry28/11/17State Horticulture Farm, James Nursery& Eco Park , Cutrallam

AEN 301Pests of Field Crops and Management06/12/17TVS Farm , Yerwaadi

AEC 301Agricultural Marketing Trade & Prices16/12/17Food Corporation of India, Tuticorin Indian Tropical Agro Products Pvt. Ltd, Tuticorin

FOR 111Introduction to Forestry15/12/17Forestry College &Research Institute, Mettupalayam.

ABT 301 AGM 301Plant Biotechnology & Fundamentals of Microbiology18/12/17Agricultural College & Research Institute, Madurai

PBG 301Principles &Methods of Plant Breeding27/12/17Agricultural Research Station, Kovilpatti

FPE 301Post Harvest and Food Engineering22/03/18  24/03/18Indian Institute of Food Processing & Technology , Tanjore

AEX 102Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension21/03/18TVS  Farm, Thirukurangudi

FSN 101 AEX 101Food science andNutrition&Agricultural Extension11/04/18Aavin, Madurai,  Ruby Food Industry, Madurai

HOR 311 PBG 302Production Technology of Vegetables &Spices & Breeding of Field &Horticultural Crops12/04/18Horticultural College &Research Institute, Periyakulam

AEN 202Economic Entomology and Insect Pest Management18/04/18YMCA Rural Centers, Marthandam

AEX 301Extension Methodology and Transfer of Agriculture Technology20/06/18RVS,KVK Urmelagion Village, Kadayanallur.

HOR 112Production Technology of Fruits & Vegetables20/06/18Horticultural Research Station, Pechipparai New Ambadi Rubber Estates PVT Ltd, Kulashakaram

PBG 302 HOR 311Breeding of Field & Horticultural Crops Production Technology of Vegetables and Spices crops27/06/18Agricultural Research Station, Thirupathisaram Horticultural Research Station, Pechipparai

AGR 101Fundamentals of Agronomy & Agricultural Heritage03/12/18Agricultural College & Research Institute, Killikulam

AGR 304Principles & Practices of Cropping & Farming System11/12/18Agricultural College & Research Institute, Madurai

AEC 301Agricultural Marketing Trade &Prices21/12/18Agmark Laboratory &  Regulated Market ,Tenkasi

EXP 401Commercial Beekeeping02/01/19Shamee Bee Farm,Thalavaipuram

AEC 401Agricultural Finance, Banking and Co-operation28/01/19Collector office, Tirunelveli

AEX 102Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education29/03/19Devipattinam, Sivagiri

AGR 401 PAT 401Organic Farming  Diseases of Horticulture Crops 10/04/19Agricultural College & Research Institute, Madurai

AEX 301Extension Methodologies and  Transfer of Agriculture Technology05/07/19Conduct of PRA Technique at Tirunallapuram

FSN 111Principles of Food Science &NutritionO6/07/19Ruby Food Product &VRD Best Food, Madurai

HOR 111Production Technology for Fruits & Plantation Crops09/07/19Horticultural Research Station, Pechiparai

AEN 202 HOR 212Management of Beneficial&Harmful Insects Production Technology for ornamental crops, map& landscaping12/07/19YMCA Rural Centers, Marthandam &  Floriculture Research Station,Thovalai

AEX 102Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education16/17/19Agasthyarmalai Community Based Conservation centre, ATREE, Ambasamudram

AEX 102Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education16/17/19RVS Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Tenkasi

SAC 302Crop & Pesticide Chemistry18/07/19Pesticide Testing Laboratory , Palayamkottai

PAT 302 SAC 302Disease of Field Crops & their Management & Crop and Pesticide Chemistry25/07/19Food corporation of India, Tuticorin

AMP 101Livestock and Poultry Management22/11/19Veterinary College&Research Institute,Tirunelveli & Aavin Milk Plant,Reddiapatti

AEC 201Farm Management, Production & Resource Management 22/11/19RVS Farm, Tenkasi

AGR 201 PAT 201 AEC 201Crop Production Technology I (Kharif crops) Fundamentals of Plant pathology Farm Management, Production & Resource Management03/12/19Agricultural College & Research Institute, Killikulam

AGR 101Fundamentals of Agronomy and Agricultural Heritage04/12/19Agricultural College & Research Institute,Killikulam

HOR 111Fundamentals of Horticulture14/12/19Horticultural College &Research Institute, Coimbatore 

ENS 201Environmental Studies and Disaster Management27/12/19Farm Pond Visit at Thalayanai

AEC 301 AGR 302Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices & Rainfed Agriculture & Watershed Management23/01/20Assistant Director of Agriculture office, Tenkasi Joint Director of Agriculture office, Tirunelveli

SAC 301 AEN 301Manures, Fertilizer & Soil fertility Management Pest of Field Crops & Stored Produces and Their management24/01/20Spic Trading Centre, Tuticorin Food Corporation of India, Tuticorin

APE 311 AEC 301 AGM 301 ARM 301Protected Cultivation & Secondary Agriculture  Agricultural Marketing, Trade &Prices Agricultural Microbiology Entrepreneurship Development & Business Programme 28/01/20 29/01/20Dept. of  Food processing & Engineering  Ramaiah Gene Bank DEMIC Agri Business Incubator Silage & Bio pesticide Production Unit TNAU, Coimbatore

PAT 301Diseases of Field and Horticultural crops and their management – I (1+1)18/09/21Bambukovil Santhai, Muthusamypuram for the collection of specimens of pests and diseases

PGR 351 SAC 352Plant Genetic Resources (1+1) and  Crop and Pesticide Chemistry (1+1).11/10/21Agricultural Research Station, Kovilpatti

AGR 101Fundamentals of Agronomy (1+1)13/10/21Agricultural Research Station, Kovilpatti

AEX 102Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education (2+1)24/10/21ADA Office, Sivagiri Taluk, Tenkasi District

AEX 102Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education (2+1)27/11/21RVS KVK, Kadayanallur, Tenkasi District

AGR 102Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate Change (1+1)23/02/22Agricultural Research Station, Kovilpatti

AEC 301Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices (2+1)25/02/22Regulated Market, Sanakarankovil

AEX 102Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education (2+1)10/03/22District Rural Development Agency

HOR 112Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops  (1+1)10/03/22Horticulture Farm, Courtallam

FSN 111Principles of Food Science and Nutrition (1+1)07/03/22Food product industry, VRD Best Foods Pvt. Lt., Virusangulam, Thirumangalam, Madurai District.

FSN 111Principles of Food Science and Nutrition (1+1)07/03/22Ruby Food Products Pvt. Lt.,AS2 Mellur, Industrial Estate, K Puthur, Madurai.

AEC 301 Agricultural Marketing Trade and Prices (2+1)27/04/22Warehouse, Vasudevanallur

AEC 301 Agricultural Marketing Trade and Prices (2+1)27/04/22Agmark (Agriculture Mark) certification laboratory, Tenkasi

AGR 302Rainfed Agriculture & Watershed Management (1+1)27/04/22Guntar Water Shed, Cutrallam.