Faculty Strength

Mar 6, 2022


The faculty position includes Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors. These positions are filled-up based on the vacancy periodically as per the university procedure to cater the mandates of education. Required staff strength to meet the academic needs of the college is presently positioned and also fulfils the recommendation of Vth Deans` Committee. The teaching is further enriched by outsourcing of superannuated teaching staff from SAU whenever required

Faculty Position (Both sanctioned and in position) at the College

S. No.Sanctioned FacultyFaculty in placeVacant PositionFaculty recommended by the ICAR/ V Deans` Committee


Associate Professor8*8

Assistant Professor33134

* 3 Professors in Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Animal Husbandry were shown against the post of Associate Professor

Faculty Position (Both sanctioned and in position) at the College as per Vth  Deans’ Committee

DisciplineMin. RequirementProfessorAssoc. Prof.Asst. Prof.VacantTotal
Agronomy (Including Agro Forestry)7114+17
Agrl. Economics  (Basic Economics, Maths, Computer Science & Agrl. Statistics)612+36
Agrl. Extension  and communication (Sociology & Psychology) and Language (Tamil & English)411+24
Agricultural Entomology31*23
Genetics and Plant Breeding  (Seed Science and Technology & Biotechnology)5112+15
Horticulture (Food Science & Nutrition)513+15
Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry (Agrl. Microbiology, Agro Meteorology & Environmental Science)612+36
Plant Pathology31*23
Animal Husbandry21*11
Agrl. Engineering22
Biochemistry&Crop Physiology222
* 3 Professors in Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Animal Husbandry were shown against the post of Associate Professor

Faculty Profile (Department wise)

Brief details of the faculty as per ICAR Vth Dean’s Committee are given below.

Table.15. Faculty Profile (Department wise)

S.No.DisciplineName of the staffDesignationQualificationAdditional Qualification
A. Divisions/Departments

Agronomy & Agro ForestryDr. S. Nalliah DurairajProfessorPh.D (Agron.)37 years experience in TNAU

Dr. P. KunjammalAssociate ProfessorPh.D (Agron.)NET  Qualified

Ms. S. ArivukodiAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Agron.)NET  Qualified

Dr. P. PrakashAssistant ProfessorPh.D (Agron.)NET  Qualified

Mr. C. AathithyanAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Agron.)

Mr. R. Tamil SelvanAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Agron.)

Mr. M. Vairavan ManivelAssistant ProfessorM. Sc. (Forestry)

Agrl. Economics (Basic Economics, Maths, Computer Science & Agrl. Statistics Ms. R. SathiyaAssociate ProfessorM. Sc. (Ag. Eco.)

Mr. T. VanangamudiAssistant ProfessorMBA (ABM)

Ms. S. ThanalakshmiAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Maths)

Mrs. M. VanithaAssistant ProfessorMCA

Mr. B. VenujeyakanthAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Ag. Stat.)NET  Qualified

Agrl. Extension  and communication (Sociology, Psychology, English and Tamil)Dr. A. Muhammed IqshanullahAssociate ProfessorPh. D (Ag. Ext.)

Dr. Reeba JacobAssistant ProfessorPh. D (Ag. Ext.)

Mr. M. VelladuraiAssistant ProfessorM.A., B. Ed (English)

Ms. P. VidhyaAssistant ProfessorM.A. (Lit) in Tamil

Agricultural EntomologyDr. N. MurugesanProfessorPh. D (Ento.)37 years experience in TNAU

Dr. A. Subash Chandra BoseAssistant ProfessorPh. D (Ento.)NET  Qualified

Dr. K. Nisha PradeepaAssistant ProfessorPh. D (Ento.)NET  Qualified

Plant Breeding and Genetics & BiotechnologyDr. R. SankarapandiyanProfessorPh. D (PBG)37 years experience in TNAU

Dr. M. T. Andrew Peter LeonAssistant ProfessorPh. D (PBG)NET  Qualified

Mr. E. VijaykumarAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (PBG)NET  Qualified

Ms. P. PunithavathyAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (PBG)

Dr. R. Nagganatha SuganthanAssociate ProfessorPh.D (Biotechnology)NET  Qualified

Horticulture & Food Science and NutritionDr. I. R. SuthanthirapandianProfessorPh.D (Horti.)37 years experience in TNAU

Mrs. Anu. P. ManiAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Horti.)

Mr. A.Vignesh KumarAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Horti.)NET  Qualified

Mr. V. GopiAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Horti.)

Mr. S. ThirukumarAssistant ProfessorM. Sc. (FSN)NET Qualified

Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry  (Agrl. Microbiology, Agro Meteorology, Environmental Science)Dr. B. VimalanAssociate ProfessorPh.D (SS & AC)

Dr. S. SuganyaAssistant ProfessorPh.D (SS & AC)

Mr. J. AnandhanAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (SS & AC)NET  Qualified

Ms. G. NivithaAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Ag. Micro)NET  Qualified

Mrs. V. Sumitha BharathiAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (ENS)

Mr. S. DeepakrajuAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Meteorology)

Plant PathologyDr. M. Suriya chandraselvanProfessorPh. D (Patho.)37 years experience in TNAU

Mrs. T.SahilaAssistant ProfessorM. Sc. (Patho.)NET  Qualified

Dr. G. RajasekarAssistant ProfessorPh. D (Patho.)

Animal HusbandryDr. K. ViswanathanProfessorPh.D (Animal Nutrition)33 years experience in TANUVAS

Agrl. EngineeringMr. T. ShenbagakumarAssistant ProfessorM. E (Energy Engineering)

Ms. S. DhinegaAssistant ProfessorB. Tech (Ag.Engg.)

BiochemistryDr. R. VenugopalAssistant ProfessorPh.D (Medical Bio Chem.)

Crop PhysiologyDr. M. JincyAssistant ProfessorPh.D (CRP)NET  Qualified

Non – Teaching Faculty

Technical, Supporting & Field Staff

  • As per Vth  Deans’ Committee recommendations, out of a total of 43 numbers of technical staff, 11 Assistants, 19 Lab Assistants and 13 Field Assistants have been recruited in the institute in order to take care of consumables, maintains  and assists in conduction of the lab, maintain the cleanliness inside the lab and executes the safety norms and to maintain the stock register. 
  • Besides, seven numbers of administrative staff have been recruited in view of performing the duty assigned by the Estate officer and to maintain the eco friendly environment of the institution. In addition to that, three drivers have been placed for the mobilization of cars and buses of the institute. The details of the technical and supporting staff of the institute are furnished in the below Table.17.

Technical, Supporting  & Field Staff (Both sanctioned and in position) at the College as per Vth Deans’ Committee

DisciplineAssistantLab Asst.Fields Asst.Total
Agronomy (Including Agro forestry)11223366
Agrl. Economics (Basic Economics, Maths, Computer Science&Agrl. Statistics113344
Agrl. Extension  and communication (Sociology, Psychology and Language (Tamil, English)111122
Agricultural Entomology11111133
Genetics and Plant Breeding  (Seed Science and Technology & Biotechnology)11222255
Horticulture (Food Science & Nutrition)11222255
Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry (Agrl. Microbiology, Agro Meteorology, Environmental Science)11331155
Plant Pathology11221144
Animal Husbandry11111133
Agrl. Engineering11112244
Biochemistry&Crop Physiology111122

 Manpower Requirement of Principal’s Office

S. NoName of the PostNo. of. Posts (Required)No. of. Posts (Available)

A. Establishment

Principal PA11

Asst. Administrative Officer11

Asst. Academic Officer11

Asst. Account Officer11

Steno computer officer11


Farm Manger (Asst. Prof)11

Store Keeper11
B. Central Instrumentation Laboratory

Instrumentation Asstt. Engineer11

Instrumentation Technician/Lab Asstt. 11
C. Library Staff

Assistant Librarian11

Library Asstt./Clerk11

Shelf Asstt.11
D. Students Welfare

Physical Education (Asstt. Prof.)11

E. Hostel Staff


Care Taker1+11+1
F. Estate Branch

Junior Engineer11

Security Asstt.11

Department wise Technical, Supporting and Field Staff 

S. NoDisciplineNameSpecializationQualification

AgronomyG.SaktheeswaranFarm ManagerB. Sc. (Ag)

M.Uma MageshwariLab Asst.B. Sc.

S.Sam david RajaAssistantBBA

P. Nagarajan Field Asst.ITI

S. PradeepField Asst.SSLC

K. Manikandan Field Asst.Diploma

Agrl. Economics (Basic Economics, Maths, Computer Science & Agrl. StatisticsK. KarthikeyanAssistantB. Com

M. SaravananLab Asst.12th

L. SankarkannanLab Asst.DCE

K. James BaskarLab Asst.SSLC

Agrl. Extension  and communication (Sociology, Psychology and Language (Tamil, English)M. ChithraAssistantM. Com

G. Naga kaliswaranLab AssistantSSLC

Agricultural EntomologyR. Aruna UthayapandiyanAssistantDCE

T. ShenbagakumarLab assistantB.E

R. SakthiField AssistantSSLC

Genetics and Plant Breeding    (Seed Science and Technology & Biotechnology)I. GanaprakashAssistantMBA

K.VigneshwaranLab assistantB.Sc

N. Jerin BenishaLab AssistantDiploma

K. SaravananField Assistant12th

M. MageshwariField Assistant12th

Horticulture (Food Science & Nutrition)G. KannanAssistantB.Sc

S. AshokLab assistantDiploma

M. SeetharamLab AssistantB.E

M. HakkimField AssistantITI

S. GanesanField AssistantSSLC

Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry  (Agrl. Microbiology, Agro Meteorology, Environmental Science)V. MuthulakshmiAssistantB.E

T.BalasubramanianLab assistantB.Sc

A. Sankar RajaLab AssistantB.E

M. KaruppasamyLab assistantB.E

S. SundariField AssistantSSLC

Plant PathologyA. Sri RamAssistantB.E

M.JeyashriLab assistantDiploma

C. BalasubramaniLab AssistantB.E

RamathalField AssistantSSLC

Animal HusbandryS. Sakthi vel RajanAssistantSSLC

P. RameshLab assistantB.E

V. Kani RajaField AssistantSSLC

Agrl. EngineeringP. BalamuruganAssistantB. E

M. SuthaLab assistantM.Sc.

K. Ramar Field AssistantITI

R. MaheswariField AssistantSSLC

Biochemistry & Crop PhysiologyS. DhanushAssistantDiploma

K.GowriLab assistantDiploma

Principal’s Office Staff Profile

S. NoName of the PostNo. of. PostsName
1Principal1Dr. A. Ramalingam
A. Establishment
2Principal PA1T. Sathya
3Asst. Administrative Officer1C. Bala Krishnan
4Asst. Academic Officer1M. Munnieswaran
5Asst. Account Officer1S.Jegannivasan
6Steno computer officer1S.Kalanichiyam
7Driver1D. Kawaskar
8Farm Manger (Asst. Prof)1Dr. P. Prakash
9Store Keeper1S. Chokkalingam
B. Central Instrumentation Laboratory
1Instrumentation Asstt. Engineer1P. Ramesh
2Instrumentation Technician/Lab Asstt. 1M. Sutha
C. Library Staff
1Assistant Librarian1M.Krishna Sankar
2Library Asstt./Clerk1G. Mathiazhagan
3Shelf Asstt.1V. Alex Pandiyan
D. Students Welfare
1Physical Education (Asstt. Prof.)1S. Augustin Thangasamy
2Attendant1S. Soornam
E. Hostel Staff
1Warden1+1A. Vigneshkumar, Asst. Prof. (Boys)
2S. Suganya, Asst. Prof (Girls)
3Care Taker1+1S. Chitra

K. Karthikeyan
F. Estate Branch
1Junior Engineer1G. Gurunathan
2Security Asstt.1S. Ramasamy