The college activities are governed by the governing council formed in accordance with the Act and Statutes of TNAU.  The main purpose of governing body is to decide the overall strategic direction and educational character of the institution and ensure its overall welfare and financial comfort. More specifically the members are responsible for:

  • Determining and reviewing the educational vision and mission of the college and its activities.
  • Ensuring the institutional funds are prudently utilized and continues to be financially stable.
  • Approving annual estimates of income and expenditure.
  • Setting a frame work for the pay scale and appraisal system of the teaching and non teaching faculty.
The governing council includes:
Mr. S. Thangapazham,   Founder and Chairman,  S. T. Group of Institutions, Vasudevanallur.Chairman
Mr. T. Murugesan,  Secretary,  S. T. Group of Institutions,  Vasudevanallur.Member
Mrs. M. Ramyadevi Director, S. T. Group of Institutions,  Vasudevanallur.Member
Mr. M. Subramanian, Trust member, S. T. Group of Institutions,  Vasudevanallur.Member
Mr. C. Rajendran, IAS Joint Secretary (Retd.),  Government of Tamil Nadu.Member
Dr. P. Vivekanadhan,  Former Dean (Agriculture),  AC & RI, Killikulam Member
Mr. A. Murugaiah, S/o, Arumugam, Natural Farmer, Vasudevanallur.Member
Dr. S. Nalliah Durairaj, Ph. D Director & Former Principal, S. Thangapazham Agricultural College, Vasudevanallur.Member
Dr. N. Murugesan, Ph. D Retd. Professor (Entomology), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,  Coimbatore.Member
Dr. A. Ramalingam, Ph. D  Principal, S. Thangapazham Agricultural College, Vasudevanallur.Member