S. No.


Name of the Instructional Farm





Field lab cum Class room

140 sq.m

Field lab cum class room available at central farm – A Block of this college is utilized for the conduct of demonstrations pertaining to Weed management and Farm mechanization courses.

Crop husbandry

2.4 ha.

III year UG students are allotted with an area of 5-10 cents to carry out the crop cultivation.

Cafeteria unit

2 acres

2 acres covering all crops are maintained regularly.

Irrigation cafeteria unit

1000 m2

Irrigation cafeteria was laid and maintained at an area of 1000 m2 to expose the practical knowledge on irrigation water measuring devices, different methods of irrigation and micro irrigation techniquesto the students. The water measuring devices parshall flume, 90°V notch, trapezoidal or cipolletti weir and rectangular weir are installed in the cafeteria, the layout on irrigation methods such as uncontrolled flooding, beds and channel, ridges and furrows, check basin, ring basin and furrow irrigated raised beds were maintained. Also, the micro irrigation methods, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation were laid to impart skills on micro irrigation techniques to the students.

IFS (Wetland based unit)

1 ha

Farm pond (20 x 15 m), Poultry shed, one milch animal, 4 + 1 sheep are maintained in 1 ha wetland system.

Soil Science and agricultural Chemistry

Vermicompost unit

400 sq.m

Mass production of vermicompost-

A Quantity of 6 tonnes of vermicompost was produced.

Agricultural Microbiology

Azolla Production Unit

64 sq.ft

Mass production of Azolla and used as biofertilizer for paddy and also as cattle feed.

Environmental Science

Farm waste

1500 cu.ft

Farm waste are collected and shredded by shredding machine. Then these shredded materials are made into compost by pit method.

Ag. Engineering

Solar panel unit

300 sq.ft

Solar panel unit is installed to run the 5 hp submergible pump in the bore well.





Plant Breeding and Genetics

Student’s Crop Cafeteria

2 acres

Here, recent varieties of crops and its wild/germplasm accessions are raised and maintained to help the students to observe and learn botany and its life cycle.

Seed Science and Technology

Seed Production Farm

3 acres

Seed production is initiated to produce paddy certified seed production in an area of 3 acres. The seed farm is maintained to help the students to learn the package of practices and minimum seed certification procedures that are followed during the certified seed production. A seed company viz., STAC seeds was registered at Tamil Nadu Seed certification Department.


Agricultural Entomology


10 hives

Indian honey bees, Apis cerana indica hives are maintained for giving hands on training to the students.

Sericulture Unit

21 m2

Mulberry plants are cultivated in 0.5 acrewith suitable farming system. Silkworm rearing unit is also maintained to give hands on training to the students and farmers.

Plant Pathology

Mushroom shed

40 m2

A mushroom shed is being maintained with a size of 40 m2 for giving hands on training to the students.



Commercial Orchard

94.27 acres

An area of 94.27 acres has been established for commercial cultivation of Mango, Guava, Citrus, Amla, Manila Tamarind and Coconut.

Mini Orchard


1 acre

A mini orchard is being maintained in ultra high density planting for all tropical fruit crops, plantation crops. Mainly for practicing horticultural techniques like nipping, training and application of water soluble fertilizers by the undergraduate students.

Infrastructure: Bore-well and power room; Drip irrigation system.


400 sq.m

400 sq.m for cultivation of Hybrid Tomato (U.S.12)

Infrastructure: Overhead sprinkler system; Drip irrigation and fertigation, ½ H.P motor.

Shade -Net house

400 sq. m

400 sq. m for the propagation of fruits and ornamental plants and cultivation of vegetables.


2000 sq.m

Tree saplings, Fruit crop seedlings, Potted ornamental plants

Mist chamber

136 sq.m

Propagation of garden plants viz., Citrus, Manila Tamarind, Guava, Henna, Duranda, Almond, Hibiscus, Ixora, Cliro Dendron and medicinal plants.

Kitchen garden

288 sq.m

Cultivation of vegetable crops

Flower and Ornamental plants unit

150 sq.m

Cultivation of flower and ornamental crops

Herbal garden

300 sq. m

Endangered and native species of medicinal plants of about 50 species are maintained for the benefit of the students.

Botanical garden

4000 sq. m

Endangered and native species of ornamental plants of about 40 species are maintained for the benefit of the students.



Wood lot

8.84 acres.

A total of 33 species of trees are being maintained in the wood lot.


2000 sq.m

Tree saplings (1000) are produced to plant around the periphery of the campus.