Informal feedback is being obtained from all stakeholders like farmers, industries, NGOs during exposure visits, RAWE, trainings etc. Stakeholders have opined that students had actively participates in organization and office activities, and that they have maintained and recorded their daily activities. Students have followed the directions given by the officials and conducted field visits, demonstrations, camps etc. as per the requirement of farmers and under the guidance of officials.

The feedback obtained from beneficiaries and students are given below

Farmer’s feedback 

Students were actively involved in field oriented activities and they acquired knowledge on farm practices, indigenous technologies, culture, values and heritage in rural settings. It was a two way learning process between the farmer and student, wherein information about the recent technologies is transferred to the farmer through the demonstrations and  the students learn practical application of these technologies in real life farming scenario.


Highly appreciated the voluntary involvement of the students in learning field      oriented aspects of crop husbandry and problem solving.


The students have learned NGO activities with interest and enthusiasm and they are efficient to run NGO by themselves. 

Agro Industrial Training 

Majority of students actively learned the skill and have the aspiration      to develop into entrepreneurs.


RAWE programme is very much useful to get hands-on-experience and realized the techniques and technologies studied in our degree programme developed the leadership and teamwork  concept in students