• The Placement Officer is offering training every year to the Final Year B.Sc. (Hons) Agri. students to equip the students on career development after their 8th-semester commencement. The following themes are focused:
  1. To find out the good performing students from the outgoing batch who are interested to go for the job
  2. To give suitable training to improve their career planning
  3. To inculcate them about the employment sectors
  4. To motivate them for stress management while interviews
  5. To encourage them for preparing effective resumes 
  • For communication skill development, Educational Consultants from various places in Tamil Nadu has been invited to deliver a lecture on how to improve students’ communication skills. 
  • Personality development is the development of the organized pattern of the behavior and attitudes that make a person distinctive.  Our college personality development program for the students is aimed at increasing their employability combined with the inclusion of good ethics, communication development by moving with every one smile, asking and discussing open forums, panel discussions and developing speaking skills, group discussions on particular topics, organizing motivational talks, carrier counseling, training for competitive examinations like banking and group services and the like.